Magnet Thinking Sports-eDITION GUTE GEISTER #geisterbasteln
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Magnet Thinking Sports-eDITION GUTE GEISTER #geisterbasteln

Unser Magnet Denksport der eDITION GUTE GEISTER ist von der Hamburger Künstlerin und Autorin HARRY (Harriet Grundmann) gestaltet. Er ist 7,5 x 9 cm groß, in einer schönen transparenten Tüte verpackt und eignet sich gut als kleines inspirierendes Geschenk. Der Magnet hält vom

Our magnet "Think Sport" by eDITION GUTE GEISTER is designed by the Hamburg artist and author HARRY (Harriet Grundmann). It is 7.5 x 9 cm tall, packaged in a beautiful transparent bag and is well suited as a small inspiring gift. The magnet, from your favorite photo to the scribbled love letter, simply keeps everything you care about. Even without a note underneath it, due to its size and simple aesthetic design, it works for itself ... Like a little picture ... And ensures a good mood. The eDITION GUTE GEISTER offers many other magnetic motifs that can be easily collected.


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